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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 26, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> sean: this is an inside joke between me and rich. fire a torpedo of truth at a wall of lies. sean greta is up next. >> greta: tonight good news and bad news. the good news, president obama and his economic team are talking about the economy. today the president took a break from his vacation to have a conference call with his economic team. the bad news. we don't know what the heck they were talking about. eight white house press release gives a lame description of the call with no real information. the callers were the same people john boehner said should be fired. is the president showing has confidence in his economic team or maybe giving them a lashing? karl rove joins us live. good evening karl. >> good evening greta. >> greta: i'm looking at this press release issued by the white house. maybe your white house is just as guilty of a lame press release this is a read-out of the conference call:
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the president conducted a conference call this morning on the state of the economy with treasury secretary geithner, kristi roamer and larry summers. the discussion -- the economic team provide add up date of the next steps to keep the economy growing, including assistance to small businesses and the extension of tax cuts to the middle class. feel better? >> no, neither do they. ironically enough before you had chosen the topic i had chosen it for my column. remember this was supposed to be the summer of recovery. in may and june they launched what was going to be a three month long, june, july, august, set of events to draw attention to the affects of the stimulus program. president obama launched with a news conference saying it worked. vice president biden saying we would have 250 to 5,000 jobs a month. the pace of recovery is
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increasing. the money is being spent at a faster rate. the president has gone from 42% approval in the jobs on and the economy in june to 35% approval today with less than 70 days to go before the election that's a very bad place for the democrats to be in on the number one issue people are going to be voting about this fall. >> greta: the stimulus bill whether you are for it or against it if you are a good american had you to hope it worked because it got passed. any vent american should want it to work even if you thought it was a bad idea. 18 months down the road 27% decline in existing house sales, bad numbers today with new house sales unemployment rate 9 1/2 president. how do we get him off the hook so he doesn't feel married to the stimulus bill and this path so he's little willing to look at other avenues to try to fix the economy? >> look, he is stuck.
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this is what he has plunged everything into. the stimulus is working and it is going to work. what they did before they left town they congress to pass a stimulus 2. admittedly the first was 814 billion dollars, the second one 26 billion dollars. the same theory. we can spend our way to prosperity. no country in the history of the world has been able to achieve that. the economic numbers are baked into the cake for this fall election. they are stuck with unemployment at 9.5%. under employment at 18.4%. those are people who are not able to fan a job. those are people -- to find a job. those are people forced to take part-time work because they can't find fulltime work and have just given up looking. the thesis of my piece tomorrow is they made their situation worse by exaggerating what the stimulus bill could do and saying
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things today that the american people simply don't accept. they say we've created between 2.3 and 2.8 million jobs saved or created. during a period of time during which the american people know from the bureau of labor statistics we've lost over two million jobs and 1.2 million have given up looking all together they've become so discourageed. they've been saying that the american people think are not true. and deep conflict with the reality the american people are facing in their own lives. >> greta: karl, i'll even give the president the 2.3 or three million jobs, fine whether it is a legitimate number or not. even if they did create 2.3 or three millions we still have 9.5 unemployed that doesn't change for those unemployed. it misleads us, that number. >> not only that. let's say it is 2.8 million
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jobs that they saved or created. they spent 620 billion dollars. that means every job they supposedly saved or created cost 211,000. now, we don't have a precise a what a job in the private sector cost to create some economists suggested between $25,000 and $31,000 a year. think about this, we've now spent $211,000, per job that they claim to have saved or created. yet, you are right, the unemployment rate still stuck at 9.5. the absolute number of people working today compare odd to the day it was -- the stimulus bill was passed is 2 -- over two million your people. number of people who have given up looking for work increased by 1.2 million in the 18 months since the stimulus bill passed. flawed theory, bad bill, not working. as a result the president's numbers are plummeting.
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the title in my column tomorrow, "honey i shrunk my approval rating." that's what the president did with bad policies and executing them poorly. >> greta: you say he's hung himself politically. he is still going forward with this program. if it doesn't work we to figure out some way to convince him that it is okay to change your mind and say this didn't work, but i'm going to lead the nation on a different route. we are going to try this. at some point we have to say, either it is working or it is not working. we are now 18 months in. it is not just about beating him on the head over this. he's the one who can pull the trigger. >> right. look, i agree. there needs to be an event that gives him the excuse, the opportunity, whatever verb or none you want to attach, to shift gears. that moment is coming in 60 some odd days called the november election.
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he's not hurting himself. he is more important from a political perspective, hurting democrats the reason is because he has failed the american people when it comes the economy going. they are going to deliver a very harsh verdict on november 2. when they do this will give the president if he wants to seize it like he gave president clinton a chance after the 1994 election to shift gears pan go in a new direction, work in a cooperative fashion with i suspect a strong republican presence in conference if not a republican house or senate. and come up with new answers to get america economy going. one thing is to stop the spending. this has clearly been a spending orgy which has undermined confidence in the american dollar and crowded out private investment. when the government spends so much it doesn't have it has to borrow that money and that money crowds out borrowing in the private sector. there are plenty of banks today with low interest rates
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getting money from the federal government and buying government debt and the spread in between allows them to make a healthy profit and shape up their balance sheet but it doesn't do thinking to -- do anything to provide capital to american businesses. >> greta: i've got my list of the unemployment rate state by state. i wanted to look at some of the high ones. one that caught my attention, maybe it is unfair to make the comparison. i remember during the health care debate senator nelson on the eve of the vote where harry reid the 300 million dollar deal on health care that no other state got people were sarcastically referring it to the -- >> cornhusker kickback. >> greta: the unemployment rate in nebraska, 4.7%. i'm thinking why does nebraska get this money? they got one of the best unemployment rates in the country and they get the 300
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million. maybe it is unfair to make that comparison. it is hard with all these money problems to justify who gets what. >> look, senator nelson is an expensive vote. here's the bottom line this bill, the health care bill is going to weigh down on the economy badly. the stimulus bill has turned into a disaster for the president politically, because it has been a failure from a policy perspective.k(-you are rn indiana tonight this state with a republican governor who cut spending and taxes. they created 56,000 jobs, i believe in the last year. if you look at it, that is about 9% of the new jobs created in america. indiana is less than 2% of the population in america. they are doing better than the rest of the country. they aren't doing great but better. my home state of texas cut spending cut taxes kept government low. one of the few major states
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that has created net jobs over the last year. texas, indiana, there ought to be a lesson that states that said we are going to cut spending, put our fiscal house in order, and attract business and jobs have done better as the country as a whole. >> greta: karl stand by. a surprising report that has some screaming backdoor amnesty. >> plus, guess who is talking about president obama being a one-term president? you will never guess. and the president might not like it. with capital one's venre card, weget doublemiles on every purchase. echo! so we eaed a trip to the grand canyon twice as fast. uh-oh. we get double mis every time we use r card. i'll te these. no matter what we're buying. plus the damages. and since double miles add up quick, we can bring thehole gang. it's hard to beat double miles. no we ride them! [ me announcer ] introducing the venture card from capital one, with le miles on evy purchase every day.
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>> greta: karl rove is back. 24 house plus since the polls closed in primaries. in florida bill mccollum lost to mr. scott. a lot of people were stunned. why did mccollum lose? he was a well-known candidate in the state. >> you -- i think a big part is money. scott had a personal fortune to draw on he spent somewhere north of 50 million dollars. mccollum and his allies spent 20 million dollars. i was looking at florida numbers mccollum and scott were both up in pensacola, at the far western edge of the panhandle on television. in that county, mccollum won 45% to scott's 44%, slight slightly east still in the panhandle is panama city where scott was up on television but
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mccollum who didn't have the money was not up. in that county scott took 62% of the vote to 32% of the vote for mccollum. so, money at the end of the day the idea being able to get a message out we was a successful businessperson and would use his business skills to make florida's economy grow and keep florida from following the path of washington was powerful enough particularly when you have a 2 1/2-1 spending advantage over your opponent. >> greta: i would imagine the democrats would much rather run against scott than mccollum. when scott was ceo for colombia hospital corporation the company paid 1.7 billion dollars to settle a medicare fraud charge which is not going to sit well -- not going to play well between now and november. >> yeah mccollum pulled his punches on issues like that. the democrats are not. you are right scott will need
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to dip into his pocket to defend himself against that and other charges last week in a deposition he took the fifth over two dozen times. mccollum inside a primary you tend to be more strained than in a general election. mccollum pulled his punches on tough things like that. even if he hadn't he didn't have that much money to lay that message out there. >> greta: mccollum had the endorsement of governor jeb bush. and if you look not just for florida in terms of the republican party towards 2012, they would certainly prefer to have a republican governor in florida rather than a democrat now they are thought to be weaker mr. scott in the general. the republicans now gotta do some scrambling it seems. >> it was a close race only a couple points separated the two despite the fact that one candidate spent more than 50 million dollars and the other
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spent roughly 20 million dollars. 30 million dollar disadvantage that gap was closed by endorsements from governor bush and other party leaders that attorney general mccollum received in the end it wasn't enough. while he he was coming on strong in the end it wasn't enough and nipped by a couple percentage points. >> greta: dana will be on in a pin. i'm curious on the palin effect. the attorney general race in florida, governor palin endorsed pam bondi who won that nomination for attorney general. what is the palin impact? >> it varies from state to state. it depends on whether she's got -- depends on the level of support within the state and how active she and what the nature of the involvement is. i think she helped nikki hail lee in south carolina a lot. clearly helped joe miller in in alaska who had very little
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money running against lisa murkowski and miller was not given much of a chance in the end it was thought that he was the underdog and yet he today is ahead. it is going to take some number of days to settle. maybe as many as 12 to 13,000 absentee and military ballots they've yet to receive and count it may take until the 8th of september before we know it. i think there is good indication palin was a strong support to miller's candidacy. >> greta: she is not in office. she has so far not indicated she going to seek other office. there's a lot of chatter in the media. but she has never said she is going to seek office. it is a little unusual she gets everybody revved up that she seems to have an impact. >> let's be careful. even in alaska, one of the things that probably helped miller was not just her endorsement which is important, but there was a ballot
1:18 am
initiative that brought out a lot of pro-life voters. parental notification ballot initiative and lisa murkowski was not seen as strongly pro-life as was miller. she hasn't won all of her endorsements. she has had a number around the country who have come up short in the primaries. she is a star. she's a public presence. she was our vice presidential nominee in 2008. a lot of people around the country like her. at the end of the day, no matter how popular you are endorse s don't get you all the way there. it depends on the quality of the candidate, the strength of their message, their ability to motivate certain voters. there are lots of reasons why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. jeb bush inarguably i suspect more popular in florida than is governor palin in alaska.
1:19 am
yet he wasn't able to bring mccollum all the wait home. as much as it helped it wasn't enough. the same have been true in endorsements governor palin has given out in other state. it is important, has a big impact, gives a big push but not enough to get them across the line if they are lacking in other areas, message, money, support and the nature of the electorate. >> greta: karl, thank you. enjoy indianapolis. >> i will. >> greta: dana perino will talk about the palin effect. and why are some in texas worried about backdoor amnesty? do the feds have a plan you have not heard about? >> for the first time tiger woods' now ex-wife is [ male announcer ] what if we told you there's a new utility vehicle o there
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>> greta: it is neck-and-neck nail-biter in alaska still waiting for election results between incumbent lisa murkowski and tea party favorite joe miller endorsed by governor sarah palin. miller holds a razor thin lead but will the palin effect give the underdog a win? dana perino joins us live. i threw the question also at your former colleague karl. i'm curious, the palin effect
1:23 am
that is her home state. she seems to have affect all over the country at least getting the media revved up. >> it is interesting. today she won all five of her races. i think it was a week or two ago that the media said a couple of candidates she endorsed didn't win. they said the palin effect is over. sort of like watching kids when they play soccer they all run to the ball, to take a step back she does have an impact. >> greta: miller was a dark horse. the fact that they are in this neck-and-neck right now. there's some impact. maybe the people she chose who lost they would have fallen much farther behind. hard to telephone like jobs saved. some things you can't calculate. >> a lot of us did, i think a lot of us thought murkowski would win. she ran a good race. i heard today from somebody who knows her campaign staff well they said we could be in trouble because joe miller is
1:24 am
surging and doing better. they kind of knew it was coming what was interesting the rest of the country and the media didn't. we were focused on arizona and florida. here we have the most interesting race in alaska. >> greta: you have joe miller who has a tea party following. associated with many members of the tea party. there's also the chatter behind the scenes that lisa murkowski and governor palin have some feud going because she beat her father murkowski's father to become governor and those two might have a feud that's why she wants joe miller. >> you hear that in states, karl writes about it in his book about the fighting amongst -- even within the party that you have in texas for example for years. every state has that. she does bring an enthusiasm and energy to a race where it matters in terms of voter turn-out. she can help be the deciding
1:25 am
factor. now they are having to wait for absentee ballots. i think also people just assume that women will support other women that's not necessarily the case. i think people are making their decisions based on who they think will be the best candidate. sarah palin thought joe miller would be. >> greta: what is interesting about palin. she is not currently in office. she has not indicate she is going to run. and yet she is able to raise money and to get people enthusiastic. why? >> well, most of the people that are your usual suspects that would run for the republican nomination have not said they are going to run. >> greta: do you think she going to run for president? >> i don't know. >> greta: i'm sure if i were a betting person, gingrich, santorum, romney, huckabee, none of them has said.
1:26 am
>> i would imagine there's a camp of hers that says look at what you are able to do in different states. >> greta: she doesn't have any camp. i didn't see one single staff person. it is just governor palin her husband and her children. >> maybe that is one of the things that would make it -- >> greta: some machine full of people, i didn't see one aide. i saw nobody. that was so bizarre. essentially up there she and todd are -- >> we are talking about it tonight. all the media is talk about her. they constantly talk about her. she gets media that she doesn't have to pay for? >> what is it? >> i think she is intriguing on different levels. on the left they like to hate her. on the right they like to support her but kind of confused by her. some people disagree with her
1:27 am
leaving the governor's office. sort of mid stream they think she should have stayed. they are not sure if she has enough experience. those on the other side think she is like us and we can trust her. that anti-washington feeling was palpable throughout the country yesterday. i think incumbents of all stripes are in a little trouble. >> greta: she shakes up voters, she shakes up people running and shakes up the media ain't is just the two of them, she and todd in alaska comes down periodically gives speeches and goes back. >> i think also she confounds people because she doesn't care about being knocked around. people call her all sorts of things. they write all sorts of things about her in the media and she gives it right back. i think there's a little bit of people appreciating the fact she has that fight and spirit in her. get interesting to watch.
1:28 am
i don't know if she will -- >> greta: interesting to watch. i don't know she will run. >> impact in the primary will it be a good impact in the general if she endorses them in the primary? >> we'll see. >> greta: do the feds have a plan to give backdoor amnesty to illegal immigrants? and dan quayle's son ben guess on the record he just won a brutal primary in arizona will the general election be just as rough? ben quayle minutes away. >> next, someone you would never expect, says the phrase one-term president. >> plus tiger woods and his wife talking about their
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>> greta: are the feds giving backdoor amnesty to illegal immigrants in texas or just being smart in setting priorities. according to a report the homeland security department is reviewing thousands of cases in texas and dropping
1:32 am
charges filed against suspected illegal immigrants with no serious criminal records. important to note these illegal immigrants are not being granted citizenship. is ignoring laws and looking the other way the equivalent of amnesty. joining us -- they are sorting through the insignificant or minor crimes and dismissing those is that right? >> there was a memo published june 30th. asking for -- it is far away from an amnesty. don't we wish we would have one of those. regretly this only applies to a limited amount of cases. yes, it does involve the large majority of the cases that do not involve any type of crimes. >> greta: chief john morton of
1:33 am
ice and people get up set at the thought anyone would be released of a crime. people may not know morton is a lifelong prosecutor not known for being soft on crime. i understand he's the cop and he gets a limited amount of money from the federal government to arrest and prosecute people. >> it is a -- >> greta: as a result has to pick and choose. what he is picking and choosing to keep the violent ones buts to the none violents -- ones and toss the nonviolents. >> do you feel safe every time you hear there's a raid at a chicken plant and they are deporting the tax he could maker in the corner? do you feel safe when you hear they are deporting criminals? >> greta: that's a little different. i have a problem with
1:34 am
employers hiring illegals and getting off the hook. >> that's a different ballgame. >> greta: i know. i think the target has been ice for not doing this. i think the real target if you have problems with who is not being prosecuted is you have to look over my left at the u.s. capitol, congress. they give ice the funds and the resources and unfortunately, for ice it is finite and they pick and choose and everyone gets mad at them. >> if i had enough resources, then we could deport 12 million people from the country. we can't. because that also means we would have to deport approximately 300 a day for the last 25 years to get them all out. impractical. it makes perfect sense to take out of the country criminals, individuals that are returning after previous deportation.
1:35 am
individuals that are not respecting the law serious criminals, individuals that pose a threat to national security. >> greta: it is really -- it is terrible the people that are allowed to remain in in -- in this country who aren't prosecuted. as ice makes these choices, domestic violence, dwi, people killed when people drink and drive. it is not like this is a good decision being made. it is a forced decision because of the limited resources congress gives them. >> don't take them wrong either. they've been arresting and deporting everybody that we know, at least. especially those that are involved with those type of crimes. once again there's so much they can do. at this time, i think they can do their best. if they concentrate on those. these cases are being terminated it is a limited group of people.
1:36 am
i think last year 17,000 cases had pending applications before the courts which means these individuals could become legal residents one way or the other they were waiting for a visa number to become available. [ talking over each other ] >> those cases can continue for them to be legal outside of the court system. >> greta: i'm going to take the last word. i'm enraged by congress. illegal is illegal. the problem is they don't give enough resources and set a policy so anyone can figure anything out. >> how can they, we need comprehensive reform. >> greta: it is their problem. it is the congress' problem. the justice department says immigration is a national decision, not a state they fought arizona and they are not doing their job. and people are getting hurt. >> i can see the people in arizona when they start catching the people and taking
1:37 am
them to court and their cases being dismissed. they should be left to the federal government and we need comprehensive immigration reform. nice talking to you greta. >> greta: thank you. ben quayle won a wild republican prime party in arizona last night. he's one step closer to being a united states congressman. but first he is going on the record. >> why is president obama now caught up in a story about jersey shore? stay tuned. ♪ [ male announcer ] we all need people who will be there for us in life. people who say, "we're with you, no matter what." at wachovia and w fargo, e're with you, when a house turns into a home... ...when a passion becomes a career... ♪ ...when a relationship turns into a lifetime... and when all the hard work finally pays off. we're with you when you need someone to stand by you. wachovia, wells fargo, and you. together we'll go far.
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>> greta: from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the pentagon's released information regarding the most serious breach of its computer networks ever. officials say a foreign spy agency hacked into their system by inserting a flash drive into hay u.s. military laptop. the incident took place in 2008 but has been classified until now. the pentagon has not revealed which foreign spy agency was involved or what informs, if any, was taken. we are keeping an eye on two storms churning in the at lantdic at this hour. one of them, hurricane danielle, grew it a category 2 a short time ago, it's heading northwest toward bermuda with winds exceeding 100 miles per hour and tropical storm earl is expected to become a hurricane in the next few days but it is far from land. we will continue to keep you posted. i'm ainsley earhardt, we will
1:42 am
return to "on the record" with greta. watching. >> greta: ben quayle just won a republican primary one election from being congressman from arizona's 3rd district. will the general election be as wild as the primary? ben joins us live. good evening congratulations on winning last night. >> thank you very much. >> greta: under two topics one is your promise and the other is your statement -- statement about your opponent with what is the 2015 solution you are promising the people of arizona? >> well i think right now what we have across the country is families are living within their means and have been able to cut their budgets to meet the decrease in the incomes they have. but the government hasn't been able to do that. we need to actual lay line the incentives of the lawmakers with the budget -- actually
1:43 am
align the incentives with the lawmakers with the budgets. freeze staff and pay if we don't have a 20% cut in the budget every year, until the budget is balanced, then congressional members, their staff and the executive branch will have a 15% -- salaries of these people to do the job to get our budget balanced and in order. >> greta: i read it a press release by your campaign it says the president makes $400,000 a year under your solution if there isn't that cut on spending that his salary goes down by $60,000. not going to be popular with your new colleagues if you are elected. >> well, i think we need to have the incentives. these instant activities in the private sector and they -- these incentives are in the private sector and they work
1:44 am
well. we need to hold them accountable. we have a fiscal problem that is going to suffocate any growth in the economy if we don't get this under control. >> greta: the other thing swirling around buff the campaign alive today by having won last night your now opponent came out with a statement -- the campaign, it says this election is between john hullburg and brock landers, a young man who fabricated family, degraded women and tried to lie about it. that is coming out -- what is this did you post there? did you post the stuff that people say you posted there? >> i've had nothing to do with that website you just talked about. this is about -- >> greta: what about predecessor? >> this was about a few posts, satirical and fictional posts
1:45 am
that were put out and i blog that doesn't exist any more three years ago put -- it has been run throughout wringer. my opponent is pushing this angle because they are not focused on the issues that we are here in arizona dealing with. that's an economy that is slumping and our debt that is out of control and the pow russ border where arizona -- the porous border where arizona is on the frontline of the drug cartels. >> greta: the predecessor website the are you saying you did post there on that one? >> from the very beginning i've said i made a few comments on a website they were satirical and fictional in nature on a website that doesn't exist any more. >> greta: degrading to women? >> no, i have never degraded
1:46 am
women. i don't think i would ever. this is the thing that is happening the unfortunate part of this getting blown out of pro portion is a distasteful website is getting a lot of attention and hits. it is sad, because it is a website is repugnant. get i haven't gone to the website. one last question, how long was this? assuming that if i read it and i didn't like it as a voter if you did it last week as opposed to several years ago it would make a difference to me. how long ago? >> this was three, four years ago. >> greta: okay. you want to come to washington. you got a campaign in a heavily republican district. you are gonna cut spending that's what -- one of the big parts of your platform. >> three top issues people here in arizona and the they are congressional district, spending and the porous border that, we have a government
1:47 am
that sues us instead of helping us and getting our economy back on track. arizona was hit really hard during this housing crisis. we don't see any uptick in the economy so we can have robust job get and economic growth because of the policies in d.c. are hammering that -- hampering that because businesses are afraid of independent creases to run their businesses. >> greta: good luck, sir. >> thanks greta. >> greta: next, the best of the rest. tiger woods' wife talks for the first time about the divorce and the mysterious car crash the one with the tree in front of his own house. >> plus, the ultimate election center. a candidate pulls something that could make him a youtube legend. this beats the famous howard dean scream, by a mile. the video, [ male announcer ] when you put everything you've got into it,
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. last night a candidate for mayor in providence, rhode island really stole the show during a debate. democrat chris young had a personal message for his campaign manage is also his girlfriend. >> i want to say that now it is time to rebuild anew. now is the time to reach our
1:52 am
potential. now is the time for me as well to start anew and thanks those who have helped me throughout my life and love those. i want to say to carol, will you please marry me? [ applause ] >> for those of you at home who did not hear her response, she said yes. [ applause ] >> now, independent mr. jonathan scott. >> always a hard act to follow chris. i want to be the first to say congratulations. >> greta: apparently they talked about marriage but a heck of a way to make it official. those two are in love. these next two try out of love, big time. tiger woods and elin nordegren
1:53 am
are officially divorced and talking to separate reporters, of course. elin just gave "people" magazine what she calls her first and last interview. she said she has been through hell and was stunned to learn that tiger is a serial cheater. she has not watched one tournament. elin calls reports she hit tiger with a golf club ridiculous. in spite of tiger's problems in spite of tiger's problems she says she thinks woods&zb end up the best golfer whoever lived. what is tiger woods saying? >> you never go into a marriage looking to get divorced. that's why it is sad. my actions certainly led us to this decision. and you know, i've certainly made a lot of errors that is something i have to live with. i wish her the best in everything. it is a sad time in our lives.
1:54 am
we're looking forward to in our lives and how we can help our kids the best we can. that's the most important thing. it is a sad time and we are going through it right now. as far as my game and practicing, that's been secondary. >> greta: a reporter asked tiger if he still loves elin and he ignored the question. >> this is a nasty fast ball maybe he just made a one in a million shot. either way, watch this espn video. this week during a little league world series game teen mexico and puerto rico, a mexican pitcher threw a wild pitch and took out a camera. you can see the ball bounce in the dirt and smash the lens behind the plate. we would like to see him do that twice.dváç] lur(jq) unexpected moment at a baseball game above the field. during the pregame show at a texas rangers' game the united states army parachuting team drops from the sky aiming
1:55 am
too to land on the field. all hit their mark except one. he got tangled on a flagpole erratic winds made the stunt go awry. he managed to unhook himself and safely climb down. there you have it the best of the rest. >> still ahead, using the phrase, one-term president doesn't make you popular at the white house. we have something to show you, don't go away. [ female announcer ] multigrain pops.
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you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. this we have not heard from the white house press pool. >> you know who else is on vacation? president barack obama this is his, since in office this, is his sixth vacation. yes. yup. he'll have plenty of time for vacations when his one term is up. plenty of time. and they're vacationing at the be beaches down there with snooky, j wow and the situation. >> and that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow when senators john mccain and oren hatch go on t


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